12 Perks About The Vita-Mix, Vita-Prep Commercial Blender

Blender reviews of the Vita-Mix have provided a lot of insight into the quality you get for the price you will pay. Although it may not be as well known as the Cuisinart or Sunbeam brands, it offers just as many features and possibilities! If you have not come across Vita-Mix blender reviews yet, it is time to discover what you are missing! At just under $600, Vita-Mix provides a well-rounded blender with many features. One of the first things blender reviews might say about this handy appliance is its sleek, new design. The Vita-Mix takes elements of classic blenders and presents them in a whole new way! Not only does this blender look good, its design also includes: 1. A two part lid 2. Twist off lid plus 3. Measurements marked in the lid 4. Simple use options, you can add ingredients even if the blender is on 5. Each switch features soft touch comfort 6. New, narrow shell design 7. Soft grip handle All good blender reviews will agree that looks are not everything when it comes to appliances. A blender can look great, but can it deliver in quality and function? The Vita-Mix blender offers many convenient, useful features to customers. The list includes: 8. Consistent blending, perfect for smoothies or anything else you might want to make 9. 64 ounce container made from durable Eastman Tritan Copolyester 10. Engine developments that make the machine run cooler for a longer, safer blender life 11. Stainless steel blades 12. A wide speed range, that goes from 11 mph to 240 mph One thing you might not find mentioned in Vita-Max blender reviews is how it can help you eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle. With the flexibility of this blending device, you can make low-fat ice cream, healthy fruit smoothies, and low-fat salad dressings. You can also puree fruits to make fresh sauces, grind grains or chop cheese. The Vita-Max blender comes with many features and a limitless number of cooking possibilities. Find out what blender reviews are saying about this newly designed kitchen life-saver!

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