8 Wrong Ideas Women Have About Men

9.jpgIn a romantic relationship with the opposite gender, it’s ordinary that plenty of misconceptions can develop. Never recognizing that they are incorrect, many people will allow these beliefs to influence their choices in their love life without question. Here are some of the incorrect ideas women have about guys that need to be adjusted.


What a woman is wearing

Women can often put a great deal of work into appearing lady-like in an attempt to attract guys. For guys, jogging slacks or a simple shirt can be just as attractive sometimes. Women don’t always have to put that much practice into being provocative, guys can see that on their own.


Lines on the face

Developing some facial lines or a few pounds are things that women can think men find hugely unappealing. Most guys won’t care too much if she gains a couple of pounds or grows some aging lines. Men will usually not notice these things. Also, even if a guy does recognize them, these aren’t issues that will impact his emotions towards a woman.


A woman’s face

Together with what you have on, always wearing cosmetics in order to wow a man is an additional delusion women will think. Women don’t understand that guys will sometimes view having less or no makeup more sexy now and then, with a more natural look. Guys recognize that all women put on makeup and can see through this, so going natural can show off her self-confidence. Along with this false thinking, is having excessive cosmetics on.

Often women can have on too much makeup, where if they had less on they would in fact be more attractive.


Eating like a rabbit

Men don’t care about what women eat on a date. When ordering dinner on a date, women can get really self-conscious. Women can think that guys will weigh them in respect to this, but guys actually don’t care. Men will find it cool in fact, if a woman orders a cheeseburger or a larger dinner instead of a salad.



Women can be self-conscious about their perspiration, as they may think that men find it to be repulsive. Women can get uneasy around a guy if she is sweaty. In actuality, men find perspiration on a woman something alluring. Not only does sweat make a lady’s complexion luster, but it also reminds guys of intimacy, as well as discharging alluring pheromones. Perspiration on a woman can be a huge turn on for any man.


Spotting the small details

Most times men aren’t going to take note of the tiny particulars. He can often overlook her shoes or her hairstyle, never recognizing the change. These fine points can often go disregarded by guys, as they may not see them.


4.jpgWhat it means when he pulls away

Being more intimate as a couple isn’t always a fair balance in a relationship. Typically women want this more than men do. Men will at times want some space to himself from time to time. Believing this as an awful hint, women will often be hurt by this. Without assuming he doesn’t love her, this is very universal among men.

This time alone is needed as he can recharge and return to the relationship feeling healthier. This isn’t a sign that he doesn’t care for and cherish his partner.


Being direct

At times, men can be roughly candid, that’s how guys interact. This doesn’t indicate that they are jerks though. When guys talk, they try to be as truthful as possible because they believe this is the right way to fix problems.

This is a huge dissimilarity between guys and women, the way they talk. A lot of times guys will come off as harsh just because of the way they talk with women.


Being distant means we love you

Men will act closed off or distant when they go through problems. Women like to converse over their problems with others, which is completely dissimilar than guys. So it’s easy to see any misconceptions here, as women can misinterpret how guys deal with their issues.

Guys seal off and don’t interact because they don’t want their woman to feel the weight that they feel. Sometimes this is why men don’t talk about their troubles when they shut down.


These are several of the misconceptions that women have about men. Understanding men can be trickier for a woman because guys aren’t as emotionally accessible or talkative as women are. These misbeliefs can often injured relationships as they are left unchecked. Only through understanding the truth about these misbeliefs can relationships be made healthier. Learn from these slipups and strengthen your relationships with men.


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