Adjusting To A Gluten Free Diet

So, you have decided to switch to a gluten free diet either out of concern for your own health or at the recommendation of a doctor. This can feel very overwhelming initially since there are so many foods in our modern diet which contain gluten, but rest assured this is completely reasonable and many people have made the change before you.

List It

Go through your kitchen and make a list of all the foods you currently eat which contain gluten. This may feel like an act of punishment as you realize these are things you are now giving up, but look at it as an adventurous chance for change.

Replace It

Spend some time online and in your favorite local stores finding possible replacements for the listed item. There are many gluten free products on the shelves right now with many more selling through online retailers, so most items in your kitchen should be replaceable. This way, you aren’t giving up your favorite foods entirely!

Gluten free versions of common products are typically found in the appropriate sections of the store, rather than in the health food aisle. For instance, gluten free pasta can be found in the pasta aisle. If you find more than one product that is similar to something on your list, make note of all options. If you don’t like the taste or texture of one product you can always try another.

Step by Step

Now that you have your list of possible replacements, pick a few and make the official substitution in your kitchen. Some gluten free products may have a different taste than you are used to, but give it a few tries before you completely rule it out. Your taste buds will start to adjust faster than you expect and you will find that you do enjoy many substitutions or hardly recognize the difference. This is especially true when using gluten free products in recipes with other foods you enjoy.

Once you have worked out those replacements try making a couple more substitutions. This is a way of easing yourself into the dietary changes without going all the way right away. You are more likely to adjust to the change and stick with it long term if it is done gradually.

Shake It Up

Go through your favorite recipes and come up with alternative gluten free ways of creating them. If a recipe is extremely difficult to do without gluten products, consider alternative ways of creating a new dish that will be very similar. Most recipes will be easy to accommodate, especially if you take advantage of many gluten free products on the shelves.

Plan Ahead

The biggest challenge to gluten free eating is eating out at restaurants or at someone else’s house where you don’t have complete control over what is offered. The best way to handle this is to always have something gluten free on hand so you never get hungry enough to require rushing through a drive-thru. Look ahead to restaurants you may be visiting and see if there are any gluten free entrees. You can always ask for substitutions if necessary or go with a simple salad until you get home.

Adjusting to a gluten free diet does take some work, but if you take it one step at a time you will find it manageable!

Source by Emily Taggart


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