Affordable Space Saving Kitchen Supplies for Easy Organizing

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, a disorganized or small space can be very difficult to work in. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, and shelf space is limited, it becomes very important to choose your kitchen gadgets and equipment wisely and treat them with care. When it comes to space-saving in the kitchen, it is important to think of a way to store your items that will best benefit you in the space you are given. First, choose items that can do double or even triple duty with multiple functions. Secondly, choose items that can help you maximize the space you have available for storage.

Multi-functional Items:

Cooking equipment items can sometimes become a little pricy when you have to get a product for every function in the kitchen. A multi-functional item is a great investment for those of you who love to cook and be in your kitchen. These multi-functional items are great to have around and will effectively save you a lot of storage space and can fit into most budgets.

The 3-in-1 Griddle serves as three appliances in one. With interchangeable cooking places, you can quickly switch between a griddle, waffle iron, and sandwich griller. This machine enables you to save a large amount of storage space since you will only need to find space for one machine instead of three! The best part about this item is that it is just $59.95. You will be saving plenty of money by choosing the multi-functional option instead of buying all three appliances separately. For around the same price, you can choose the Total Chef 4-in-1 Grill,which is smaller but includes the same features as the 3-in-1 griddle as well as a grill.

The Butcher Block Bin is a combination of everything great that you are looking for in your kitchen. This product provides you with extra storage space as well as a designated area for food preparation. For $149.95, you can add a completely portable, extra cabinet to your kitchen. By moving the butcher block anywhere around your kitchen, you can take full advantage of all of its great features such as a towel-holders, storage shelves, and a large interior space which can hold pantry items on one side and a trash bin on the other.

Items that Maximize Storage Space

Making good use of cupboard space is usually a primary concern if your kitchen has limited storage. If you suffer from a smaller kitchen with limited space, below are a few inexpensive ways to help you make the most of the storage space that you do have.

  • Plate Cradles:

Plate Cradles are great for storing dinner and salad plates. Plate cradle’s enable you to store plates in an upright position, letting you get the most out of your cabinet space. This gives you a bit of extra space for other items. These cradles are also great for when you have a buffet at your home and need more space on the buffet table for food that plates would normally take up. These are definitely a bargain, too, at just $9.95 for the smaller size and $12.95 for the large.

  • Lid Maid Organizer:

The Lid Maid Organizer is used to regain the cupboard space being used by pot or plastic lids. The lids are stored vertically in a handy organizer that slides in and out of your cabinet, making retrieval easy. At just $12.95, this is an easy and inexpensive way of reclaiming some much-needed space in your cabinet.

  • Stackable Organizing Bins:

Making use of vertical space is easily one of the best ways to maximize storage room in your kitchen. Stackable organizing bins are an extremely effective and stylish way to do this. For just $12.95 you can choose fantastic clear plastic organizers that stack easily to store all food items and condiments. Perfect for pantries, cabinets, and even the refrigerator, these inexpensive organizers are one of the best organizing and space-saving items you will ever find!

  • Expanding Step Shelves:

Expanding step shelves are perfect for storing cans, jars, boxes and condiments.  These tiered shelves are expandable, enabling you to fit into almost any size cabinet. The useful three-tiered shelf means that smaller items will never get lost again. At $12.95 to $17.95 per shelf, you will definitely want more than one.

  • Tiered Corner Shelf :

With a tiered corner shelf, you can turn any bench-top corner into an easily-accessible home for condiments and other small kitchen items. Normally, that corner in your home is an awkward space where nothing really fits well, and often the only thing that collects there is dust. This fantastic two-tier shelf, made from attractive hardwood, can hold all of those little items that you use frequently but just do not have a proper home for. The shelf can hold items such as oils, vinegars, cookbooks, salt and pepper, and anything else that needs a permanent home. At just $19.95 this product is an absolute bargain, and at that price they can be perfect for the bathroom and other areas of the home too.

  • Double Tier Produce Basket:

Buying a double tier produce basket is one more easy and inexpensive way to maximize your bench space. By choosing a wire design, your produce will stay fresher for longer thanks to good air circulation. Pick up a chrome double tier produce basket for just $19.95. They are absolutely perfect for the pantry as well as the bench and countertop, so you may decide to more than one!

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