Beginning Stages for the Solopreneur Microbusiness Professional

                                      Solopreneur Microbusiness owner starting gate

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It’s rather funny, to be at the beginning stages of a home-based microbusiness which helps others do the same. However, I’ve accumulated knowledge and understanding, through the years, which I now want to impart. I believe it’s the moment for me to not just pass on free advice, but to apply my know-how to help a significant group of individuals and watch as lives are affected.

Considering the fact that each individual is distinct and every situation and experience in life is distinct it’s impossible for me to speak into all situations, however I can develop a positive starting position. I would like to see folks be successful, not just offer a service and earn money. Additionally, if I don’t help others then why would they refer others? It’s unlikely. You typically really need to value others before they will care about you or your business.

Creating a healthy and fit framework:

In order to really advance in your life you need to have a well-balanced framework. A well-balanced cornerstone comes along with: a diet program, engaging in physical activity, having a team and meeting heart and soul needs.

Diet system

Our bodies are machines. Therefore we need to care for the body right. We all need to put the very best foods in and always keep the bad stuff away. Yes, it’s unfortunate the wrong things taste so darn great! Regardless, to be on top of our game we all should put the good energy in to keep the machine running properly. Our bodies were purposely designed for work and action. So we need to put the correct food in to be certain to use the body for what it was designed for. Because most of us don’t have a ton of physical activity daily we will need to imitate physical labor with frequent exercise.

Now at this moment I’m not the most healthy man, therefore I can’t recommend you stay on my routine to a T, unless you feel it’s healthier than your existing routine:

I begin the day with a cup of fresh juiced up vegetables and fruit. I put in:

2-3 stalks of Kale

Chunk of a beet (about the size of something you could easily fit into your palm)

Baseball size bunch of spinach, parsley and cilantro

1 carrot

Ball size section of cucumber

2 celery stalks

1 apple

1 orange

Nickel size part of ginger

Breville Juicer

Then I’ll enjoy a small bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat or a waffle or yogurt with granola and fruit or bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. For lunch I might have a peanut butter sandwich or salad and/or smoothie and for dinner a steak or fish or chicken and potatoes or rice or mac n cheese. Then dessert. 

For a workout I go to the gym for an hour or ride my bike 12 to 30 miles about 3 times a week.

Psychological Health and well-being

To keep your thinking healthy you will need to find healthy reassuring friends and avoid the critical individuals. For sure it’s always good to have frank individuals in your world who able to point out areas of improvement. You want to figure out if you’re the «I require a kick in the butt to get moving» or not sort of man or woman. In either case, we ought to look at the people in our lives and get rid of those bringing us down and keep those who lift us up.

Likewise we should fill our heads with pleasant, uplifting, yet logical ideas. While it’s important to keep it positive and surround ourselves with positive folks, we must stay anchored in reality. It’s a balance, be sure you’re reinforcing positive and self-assurance generating feelings. You can do whatever you focus on, but the real issue is: what do you want to do?

Lastly, we need to give some thought to the spiritual piece. Myself? I’m a Christian. Meaning I keep to the instruction of Jesus Christ as stated in the Holy Bible. We need to trust in something, a cause, bigger than ourselves, which can assist or meets the needs of others.


Holy Bible

So an average day begins with a healthy and balanced breakfast, time reading the bible and supplication (which consists of thinking of not only myself and my personal necessities but the concerns of others as well). Which ever way you start your day it should be on a good note. Or else our chance of loss will drastically increase. It’s not a matter of if, but when you run into those toxic and negative people who want to drain and pull you down. You need to be prepared. Each day has its own battles. A balanced mind, body and heart are necessary to proceed in life.

Source by Bill Linton


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