Best Cooking Recipe for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

One basic necessity of human beings- food, is what many like to experiment on with a variety of dishes. In fact, it is not merely limited to just women to rack their brains on experimenting with different recipes, but even men are not behind in experimenting with the art of cooking. Cooking has become a lucrative profession as well for many people, and as luck would have it, it is more of the men folk than the women folk, who excel in this domain. That is the reason why many have opted for this job option than many other options of different jobs in modern times. Among a variety of such dishes, one recipe that has stood the test of time is the recipe of making an omelet that is loved by one and all equally and is a favorite among old as well as the young alike. Whenever it is prepared, mostly each day in most of the households across the globe, people relish it with a lot of satisfaction.

One such best cooking recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner involving an omelet is also a healthy option for a meal any time of the day. It can be complemented with mashed potatoes, one’s choice of filling or salad. According to how much one desires to eat, one has to gather 2 to 5 eggs. As eggs cook fast, it is best advised to first and foremost choose and cut all ingredients before cooking and chop them into pieces.

After breaking the eggs, one needs to place them in a glass or plastic bowl. Then, beat the eggs, till the whites as well as the yolks are completely mixed properly. For beating or mixing the eggs, a fork or a wire whisk can be used. For just one individual, one can make use of only two eggs. After that, one can add bell pepper, diced tomatoes, green onions, ham, herbs, mushroom, olives, salt, sausage and spinach, according to one’s taste buds. Then by placing all of these ingredients in a different bowl, they need to be stirred properly. After that, a bit of butter needs to be poured onto the pan and the heat has to be put on a low to a medium heat and the eggs poured by spreading them evenly with a spatula. Because the eggs are firm below but runny above, one can sprinkle cheese that is shredded on the eggs. If there is no liquid in the eggs, they are complete.

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