Best Nintendo Ds Games for Girls: Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is among the top 4 best Nintendo DS games for girls. It is the first game in the Cooking Mama series, and the first in a long-line of cooking games. The game is also fun for boys and adults, but it is most popular with young girls. Read this review to find out about the fun.

Playing the Game
Cooking Mama is a simulation game in which you pretend to prepare and cook various meals. Your cooking skills are judged by a chef named Cooking Mama, who is also your guide during the game.

She tells you what to cook and how to cook it. Then she gives you a rating between 0 to 100 based on your performance. In order to get a high score, you must complete each task before time runs out.

The faster you are the better. Completing a task before the half-way mark earns you bonus points. Practice each recipe before trying for a score though because mistakes cost points. In the end, you earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

The game is played with the stylus and the built-in microphone. You never have to use the Nintendo DS buttons with this game.

You move the food and utensils around with the stylus on the Nintendo DS touchscreen. When a recipe requires boiling, you cool the pot by blowing into the microphone.

The Recipes
This game has 76 recipes in all. Some items on the menu include fried chicken, potato salad, and vegetable curry. There are also a few Asian dishes such as soba and shumai wonton.

You can create unique recipes by combining items from the menu. And there are mini-games separate from the recipes that test your cooking skills.

Helping Young Players
This game is good for all ages and requires some reading.

The only way to prepare the recipes is to read what Cooking Mama tells you to do. So that means young players will need an older person to read to them.

My 3-year-old niece and I play this game all the time. I read the instructions while she cooks the meals. The only time I take over is if a task is too hard for her.

I recommend Cooking Mama to parents looking for a game to play with a young child. It’s also a good non-violent game that older kids, teens, and adults can play. This is one of the 4 best Nintendo DS games for girls.

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