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Let us expose you to the actual realm of Belmar Foods, Wa. We are essentially a meals agreement Manufacturer Company and the slogan is to provide high quality. Log on to our webpage and obtain acquainted with a multitude of specifics of the support, which includes delicious recipes, the product particulars as well as final but not the least a short account in our noodles supplier. Prepare yourself for the best noodles producer in Wa as well as treat you taste buds with this mouthwatering Italian pasta-oriented cuisine.

All About Us:

From Belmar Meals all of us make use of the best food processor gear that’s straight imported from Italia. The noodles production devices produce a various selection of filled, long and short pastas including ravioli, fettuccine as well as troffi. This food contract manufacturer has an average manufacturing tolerance of around 250 kilograms per hour, meaning greater economies of size and price cost savings for the customers. Belmar Meals utilize the assistance of the group of technicians to attempt normal maintenance inspections upon all plants as well as machinery. This ensures smooth as well as effective procedures as well as assured security associated with supply.

We are very specific with regards to the constant maintenance and hygiene in our manufacturing area. Microbiological tests that contain a rotating testing method are carried out frequently to guarantee top quality of the products.Belmar Meals is just one of a sort. The noodles are made with carefully chosen, high quality durum whole wheat semolina flour, plantation fresh eggs and all sorts of organic, GMO Free elements. We are among the just Australian pasta producers who have the AQIS MSQA certification.

The organization makes sure that the inspection isn’t restricted to the actual equipment of the device however the human work as well. The staff is frequently inducted within courses to keep them from par with the latest methods regarding their own specialization. They are also supervised carefully so that absolutely nothing goes completely wrong. With such a high standard associated with high quality inspections and supervision, Belmar Foods produce the best quality food items, becoming the top noodles provider within Western Australia. Occasionally there are just not lots of time to cook. That’s the reason Belmar Foods provides a variety of pre-cooked noodles foods within 3 comfortable dimensions. Just keep it within the microwave and viola! You are prepared to enjoy your scrumptious pasta in a moment!

Our Menu:

Belmar Food, Wa is really a «salad associated with pastas» offering you all of the niche products available. You can enjoy all kinds of pastas, through lasagna in order to fettuccine; most of us have that you desire. Our food agreement producer acts the best freezing noodles in Wa. Take a look at the menu and select your preferred pasta or test through trying something new.
1. Lasagna:
• Beef
• Vegetable
2. Cannelloni:
• Beef along with Bolognese marinade
• Ricotta & Spinach with Napolitano Marinade
Three. Ravioli:
• Beef along with Bolognese Sauce
Four. Tortellini:
• Beef with Carbonara Marinade
5. Agnolotti:
• Chicken as well as Leek along with Napolitano Marinade
• All meals are obtainable in 400g, 1 kg and 2kg dimensions.
6. Catering Pasta Marinade
• Arabbiata (Spicy)
• Bolognese
• Carbonara
• Napolitano

From Belmar Meals, Wa we make sure that we never disappoint you, as the joy is our greatest problem. It is our priority to provide you with healthy and organic content material that will help you live a long along with a healthy existence. Our pasta wholesaler is used in order to reject any kind of poor component, and employ only processed content to produce wealthy quality pasta only for a person. We have a properly trained as well as professional team associated with experts in food contract manufacturer Company, to help keep the flavor consistent whenever you desire to go out to buy as well as consume little pasta. Keep an inventory of our freezing pasta to savor it throughout every season without notice.

In 1995, the actual Belmar pasta supplier Company obtained the actual permit to move many abroad due to the excellent quality and also the manufacturing capacity. Today, the wide variety of pastas is actually enjoyed by people living in Japan, The maldives, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and UAE. The actual AQIS MSQA additional permits us to export beef items after all such products possess handed the HACCP system. Hence, we are able to export products based on client specs. With regard to details as well as inquiries, visit or get in touch with the actual product sales division.

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