Black beans are good for hair

Black beans are «kidney Valley», with hair raising effect. However, the raw beans unscientific, not only difficult to be digested and absorbed, but also easily lead to intestinal obstruction; raw beans contained oligosaccharides easily cause flatulence, cause abdominal discomfort.

One said black beans, a lot of people will think, «hair raising lady,» the laudatory name.

The reason why black beans title a «black» word, because it has one of the most notable characteristic is the whole body black. Chinese medicine believes that black is water, water walking kidney, Li said: «The beans are colored, the cure internal organs, but black beans are cold water, you can into the kidney.» And with kidney beans shape similar to that just to meet Chinese medicine, «to form fill-shaped, «said. Therefore, kidney beans have traditionally been seen as a share.

Kidney marrow, which in the hair. Hair growth and loss, moist and withered, depends not only on the blood of young, also depends on the kidney essence charging support. If the kidney, the kidney essence is not enough, the hair naturally becomes dull, constant, daily, or even white. Therefore, in order beautiful black hair, kidney is the first Events.

In fact, black beans hair care hair care efficacy in many ancient texts are recorded, such as «Supplement to Compendium of Material Medical» that eating black beans «can benefit the fine pulp, strong Loran muscle, white after black, long the turn old as less, the end of their body disease. «

Black beans was «hair raising Snake» in the name, but also that it can hair. In the «Emperor Zhu Hong prescription harem», the record of a hair prescription — fried soybeans, the main ingredient is black beans. The black beans soaked in vinegar for 24 to 48 hours, and then heated with boiled, filtered dregs son, and finally into a thick paste simmer over low heat. Etc. with time, just wash the hair, the hair can be dry after applying the cream once a day.

Modern research has found that black beans are rich in vitamins, among which the E Family and the highest content of B vitamins. So, black beans or beauty, anti-aging goods. The ancients, though not know beans contain a lot of vitamin E, but never found it in practice these effects. For example, «sickness Balaam» said: «take black beans, it is a long skin benefits of color.» «Compendium of Material Medical» also said: «The long eat black beans, good color, white is not old.»

About the black beans to eat, ancient medical books also mentioned, such as «was equipped with Material Medical» on the record, said: «clean boiled black beans, salt down, especially to kidney»; «doctors do not record» also recorded a way of eating that will be black beans fry, hot drink into the wine, saying this way of eating can «cure paralysis mouth ban, postpartum head wind. long food, good color, white is not old.» Alternatively, you can choose according to personal preference to eat black beans, refried beans such as ground can be prepared snacks; cooked, can be used for salad; fry snacks for snacks; labeled as soy milk, can be used for beverages; raw sprouts as a vegetable, and so on. But if you want a simple way of eating, it is recommended beans ground into powder, add milk or drinks, brew directly edible; immersed in water will soak up black beans boiled soft, add sugar or honey as a snack.

If you want to eat more delicious, more nutritious, and it may be together with black chicken soup, that is to take appropriate black beans, fried rice noodles into the wok to coat beans split, then rinse, dry; bone chicken slaughter, to hair and viscera, washed. Then in the pot, add appropriate amount of water, first boiling over high heat, then add black beans, black-bone chicken, a few dates, and two ginger. Continue to cook over medium heat for about 3 hours, and finally add the right amount of salt seasoning. If the home has Polygonal next time add a little less ingredients the better.

In this soup, black beans, Polygonal, Wuji are kidney recipe, together, combining the kidney custody of excellent results. Moreover, black beans chicken flavor infiltrated, he also got beans fragrant chicken soup is a very delicious food.

In fact, no matter how black beans to eat, right kidney, hair growth, beauty is very good. But there is a way of eating should not be advocated, and that is eaten raw. A few years ago the rise in some places had to swallow one born every wave of black beans, this approach is very scientific. Because blunt black beans are swallowed whole, not only difficult to be digested and absorbed, but also easily lead to intestinal obstruction; Meanwhile, raw beans contained oligosaccharides easily cause flatulence, cause abdominal discomfort, which is not good for the stomach people, the impact is particularly evident. In addition, raw beans absorb the impact of protein also contains a trypsin inhibitor, inhibiting the growth of the haemagglutinin and reduce the absorption of iodine thyroid hormones, only with these substances can be destroyed after cooking, side also will be eliminated. So do not eat raw beans. In addition, black beans contain high fiber is not digestible, fasting food will over-stimulate the stomach, have stomach problems are easy to cause pain, intestinal obstruction, diarrhea and other symptoms, so it is not suitable for fasting edible beans.

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