Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

Farmers Fail to Fatten Pigs with Coconut Oil

«Discover why you need an oil change to kickstart your body into long lasting weight loss.»

Have you ever wondered why doctors don’t tell you about the benefits of coconut oil, or which fats kill and which fats heal?

Check out for yourself the overwhelmingly proven dangers of refined Omega 6 oils including canola oil versus the benefits of fresh raw coconut oil.

Why you are not being told the truth about the health benefits of coconut oil is because drug companies make billions of dollars from pills linked to obesity, cholesterol, and heart disease. Yet obesity remains on the rise while people spend more money than ever before on worthless diets and unproven, even dangerous slimming pills.

In his article «Coconut Oil – Its Virtues for Weightloss» published on the Internet www.nature researcher Pete Ray, Ph.D. in biology from the University of Oregon, states that in the 1940’s farmers attempted to use cheap coconut oil for fattening their animals, but they
found that it made them lean, active and hungry.

Later, it was found that when using soybean and corn as feed, the animals would get fat without eating much food: animals which ate just a little Omega-6 seed oils were fat while animals which ate a lot of coconut oil were lean.

Raw coconut oil is a natural healing oil used for centuries in countries where obesity and other degenerative diseases like heart disease and elevated cholesterol were nonexistent until trans-fats were introduced.

under control naturally by learning more about the weight loss miracle of organic coconut oil compared to eating fast foods made with refined heat-treated vegetable oils. It helps maintain a healthy body weight level by normalizing hyroid functions, which controls body weight. DME Extra Virgin Coconut Oil consists of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) – which means it speeds up fat metabolism, is not stored as body fat and therefore, has a slimming effect. A tablespoon of coconut oil taken before meals will provide a sense of satiety, in other words, a feeling of satisfaction.

The Dangers of Trans-Fats
As you have read in the media, scientists are discovering and governments are beginning to admit that trans-fats are the real culprits responsible for many degenerative diseases, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis and obesity. Tran-fats are man-made. They are heat damaged fat molecules that the body cannot recognize as food. You will find them in all hydrogenated, artificially hardened and refined vegetable oils. It is the  efining process that turns good poly-unsaturated seed oils into bad and harmful killer fats. Most mass-produced salad dressings,snacks and bars, baked goods and fast foods are loaded with dangerous ‘modified’ fat.

When you go for naturally healthy 0% trans fat foods, which substitutes refined oils with raw coconut oil, you will definitely find positive results in your health within a few short weeks. Simply clean up your fridge and pantry, get rid of shortening, margarine and all refined oils. Read the labels and avoid future purchases of anything containing hydrogenated or modified vegetable oils. Choose natural cold pressed unrefined oils instead and replace all manmade hard fats and refined Omega-6 oils with naturally saturated raw coconut oil for cooking and frying. This will set you on the right track to the vibrant health you desire.

it is genetically modified and refined containing trans-fats. I never use it and don’t recommend it. There are a few excellent unrefined cooking oils I prefer, Extra Virgin Olive oil and the brand-new Centrifuged Extra Virgin Coconut oil. And then there is DME, which simply means ‘Direct Micro Expelling’; a newly developed patented cold process, by hand. This guarantees the best fresh tasting raw coconut oil, as if you were buying fresh organic coconuts. If you are on a budget and still want to use a verygood coconut oil, go for the PremiumVirgin Coconut oil.

It’s very palatable and stands out from the rest because of its clean coconut taste.

The Secret of Losing Weight Naturally!
Skipping meals or reducing fat intake doesn’t work. It’s been proven time and again. In his book, «Eat Fat – Look Thin,» Dr. Bruce Fife explains in detail that when you add coconut oil to your diet, you burn off more calories because your metabolism increases. You will find it most rewarding, short of a medical miracle, to experience the healing benefits of coconut oil. DME Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is also the choice of both raw food enthusiasts and vegans because it adds a pleasant fresh taste to recipes with raw food and salads. Because coconut oil has the highest smoke point of all cooking oils, it is suitable for stir frying, and deep frying; you can use it for baking, making beautiful pie  rusts and adding a nice golden crust to fried food.

DME Extra Virgin Coconut Oil cannot be compared to any lower priced coconut oil. If it could, it would not be the highest quality coconut oil with that incomparable great taste. You can find Alpha DME Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at your local health retailer. If your local retailer does not carry Alpha coconut  oil, go to the website and look up the store locator or simply use the shopping cart.

magazine and has been its publisher for 30 years. He has written a number of books on healthy fats and oils, including the recently published ‘Coconut Oil – The Key to Vibrant Health’. Ask for it at your local health food store and pick up the latest FREE magazine ‘The EyeOpener’

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