Deer Hunting Gifts

Whether it is for the holidays, a birthday or some other occasion finding a gift for the deer hunter in your life can be a difficult task. Being a hunter and being around other hunters has given me the insight to know what it is we typically like to receive. This list of deer hunting gifts isn’t exhaustive, but it is a good start and you could definitely get away with something listed below. If you have any other ideas for things to be added to the list, let us know and we’ll get it updated!

  • Rifle or Shotgun & Ammunition – Can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Better yet, a gift certificate to Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops or a local Gun Shop would also suffice.
  • Binoculars / Spotting Scope – Bushnell, Leupold and Nikon are brands that typically receive very high marks in effectiveness and durability.
  • Rifle Scopes – Again, Leupold, Bushnell and Nikon make excellent rifle scopes. Another brand to check out is Trijicon, who makes an excellent red dot scope.
  • Camouflage clothing – Take into consideration the type of hunting that the person you are buying for is involved in and what season he or she hunts as this definitely should play a role in the type of camo purchased. If you have any questions about specific camouflage patterns, don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate. After all, that is what they are paid for!
  • Hunter’s Orange – Vests and hats are always welcome as more and more states have safety orange requirements.
  • Recipe Books – What better way to put your harvested animal to use than on the dinner table. There are recipe books for singular game animals like deer or elk or books covering most big game species.
  • Hunting Club Membership – Do some research and find local hunting clubs with the best reviews. Also inqiure about the number of hunters per 100 acres and shoot for the lowest ratio which ultimately means less hunting pressure on a piece of land.

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