Food groups

Food groups

My-ideaas and thoughts on three groups of foods which will be useful to you.

Foods can be placed into three groups. I find it easy to understand and follow. This method can be used by otherwise healthy people to maintain good health, those who are overweight can follow it alongwith exercise to lose weight. Type 2 diabetics at early stages can start with this till he gets  specific dietary advice from the diabetes team.

1. Foods allowed freely — these foods can be taken as much as wished, as they have low calorie content.

All leafy vegetables, salads — cucumber, tomato, lettuce etc, Potato with skin, bittergourd(karela), Lau, aubergine etc.

Fruits — Grapefruit, Lemon, watermelon, rhubarb, berries.

Drinks — water, tea, coffee, clear soups, low calorie drinks like diet-pepsi, diet-coke etc.

Seasonings — Herbs and spices, turmeric(haldi), garam masala, Vinegar, mustard, kasundi, garlic, pepper, worcester sauce, chilli etc.

Sweeteners — artificial sweeteners like canderel, splenda

2. Foods allowed in moderation — these foods are not to be taken in excess.

Foods with protein — Dahls — mosoor(lentils), moong, arhar etc. chick peas, peas, beans, Lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts(peanuts, almonds etc), semi-skimmed milk, low-fat yoghurt, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, paneer, tofu etc.

Starchy foods — foods made with wholemeal flower like bread, chapati(roti), pitta, nun, pasta. Brown rice. Wholegrain breakfast cereals like fruit & fibre, muesli, porridge oats, weetabix etc.

Fats — Sunflower oil, rapeseed oil for cooking. Low fat spreads like flora, soya, olive margarine, benecol, flora pro-active.

Fruit — fresh fruits like apple, banana, apricot, mango. Frozen fruits, fruit tinned in unsweetened juice, unsweetened fruit juices.

3. Foods to avoid (desirable for otherwise normal people. Those who are trying to lose weight and type 2 diabetics should follow more closely.

Fats — fried foods, chips, loochi, puri, samosa, pakora, cheese, cream, mayonnaise, salad dressing. Full cream milk, condensed milk.

Sugary foods — cake, pastry, ice cream, trifle, gateux, chocolate, jam, glucose, lucozade, sweet biscuits, indian sweets like rosogolla, pantooa, sandesh, barfi, misti doi, coolfi, fruits tinned in syrup, Lucozade etc.

Snacks — crisps, chanachur, chevra etc.

Drinks — Pepsi, coca cola, sugary drinks.

By mixing the 3 groups, a desired level of calorie intake can be achieved.

The list is not exhaustive.

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Source by Subrata Mallik


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