Free Detox Diet — 2 Day Detox Diet Plan

Free detox diet plans are available on many sites on the internet. It does worry me that many of these plans are not only harsh and only allow you to consume fluids but some of the plans suggest you stick to the diet for a week or longer. Firstly before you start any diet plan consult your doctor. Secondly ease yourself into the diet by cutting down on foods and drinks you know you are going to crave before you start the detox.

If you have never experienced a detox diet plan before then start with an easy  plan.  Perhaps even start by replacing drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol with water and fruit juice for a couple of days. Maybe try replacing junk foods with fresh fruit. Don’t jump straight into the world of detoxification by taking on a weeklong juice drink only type plan. A high percentage that do this fail after a few days.

A good starter detox diet would be porridge or cereal for breakfast. Avocado and prawn salad or any fresh fish for lunch. Baked Salmon Fillet,  vegetable stir fry or even tuna and prawns for dinners.

Drinks should only be water or fruit juices. I can’t stress how important the investment of a decent juicer would be for you detox diet as there are many great juicer recipes available online.

Start with a short detox diet plan that just runs over the course of the weekend when you are free from the stress of work as this will give you a better chance of completing the detox plan. If you fail then simply try again another time.

Source by Ben Xenoo


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