Fun with SmartThingz

SmartThingz, Inc. develops four unique products for health and wellness.

SmartSole is an exercise insole which employs negative heel technology to increase circulation with each step you take. This specially designed insole enables your foot to go through a gentle rolling motion enabling the heel, arch and then toe to touch the ground in sequence. This optimal gait increases your circulation, tones muscles, and works to reduce cellulite and varicose veins. You simply slip the ¾ length insole into any flat shoe, sneaker or boot, and you instantly feel the SmartSole difference. One of my favorite activities is a long healthy walk while wearing my SmartSole insoles. It’s an excellent alternative to far more expensive negative heel shoes like MBT Trainers. They feel great and cause you to burn more calories with every step.

I like to think of my SmartSoles as having a mini gym in my shoe! This insole is a lifesaver for anyone with fallen arches as they provide great arch support. I have been able to run longer and pain free since I put my SmartSoles in my running shoes. I am not a marathon or long distance runner, just a working mom with two kids trying to get the most out of any workout I can squeeze in. I used to run 3 miles at a time, and since I started wearing SmartSoles, I have increased my workout to 5 miles. I also love the fact that when I am simply food shopping or running errands I am burning more calories. With the help of SmartSoles, I am down 10 pounds and my calf muscles are more defined.

SmartToes are the ultimate Toe stretcher. The breakthrough design will help alleviate foot pain and promote overall fitness and wellness. By simply wearing your SmartToes™, you are stretching your feet and toes and increasing your flexibility. Unlike conventional toe stretchers, like YogaToes, SmartToes™ are designed to provide you with the freedom of movement. SmartToes™ are made of the highest quality medical grade gel and are hypo-allergenic and latex free. SmartToes can be worn while relaxing and putting your feet up at the end of the day. You can even walk around the house with them on. The separation of the toes is extremely healthy for the feet and relieves the pain in the balls of the feet and in the toes that is caused by wearing cramped shoes. They also help with circulation and make your feet look better as they stretch out your toes so they are better aligned.

FitFlax is a golden roasted flax seed and chia seed blend that tastes nutty, yummy and delicious. It’s low carb, low cal and helps with weight loss. My new go to breakfast is two tablespoons of FitFlax and a six ounce container of 2% Total Yogurt with a Splenda. For Dinner recently I had seared Ahi tuna which I covered with FitFlax and pepper. I dipped the tuna in mustard and had it with a big salad with lite dressing. For people who are looking for new Weight Watchers recipes, this whole dinner had under five points.

FlaxVibrance is a concentrated SuperFood and Supplement. SmartLignans™ are lignans extracted from the flax seed hull using a unique technology that yields a concentrated source of powerful antioxidants high in ala omega 3. Our proprietary blend of SmartLignans and Chia seed promotes overall health and wellness while enhancing energy and endurance. I mix a scoop in my juice every morning.

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Source by Leo Shrayber


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