He asked…she said, "Yes!"-Announcing Your Engagement

Dinner was amazing. The candlelight provided the romantic mood. The ring is absolutely perfect, and the only thing you can think about five minutes after saying “Yes!” is who to tell first! Announcing your engagement is the first thought on any soon-to-be bride’s mind. We know you are going to call your best friends, plan respective dinners to tell your family, and lets not forget that huge ring that serves as an announcement all on its own. But, every couple likes to formally announce their engagement and here are a few ideas on how you can do it.
1.)    A classy, formal way of announcing your engagement is an engagement party. This is something you can host yourself, or maybe your mom or best friend would be willing to host. Either way, your guest list should consist of your closest friends and family and invitations should be sent. You can just serve hors d’œuvre and cocktails, or you could have a nice dinner, but you should make sure that the event is intimate and that your guests leave feeling special to be able to share in your exciting news.
2.)    Another idea that is similar to an engagement party but is one you host as a couple, is a surprise announcement party. This is a party where you invite your close friends and family over for a surprise “birthday party” or something similar for you or your fiancé…maybe whomever’s birthday is the closest. You could even recruit an oblivious family member to help! Once you get your family all there, and you and fiancé walk into a shower of surprises and confetti, you can decide on when would be the best time during the evening to sit everyone down and tell them that they aren’t attending a birthday party, they are attending an announcement party! It will be a lot of fun for you and your fiancé to plan this and to see the look on everyone’s faces when you finally tell them the happy news.
3.)    Save-the-date cards can also serve as your engagement announcements, and is popular with couples that have set their date a year or more in advance. You can make your save-the-date cards very personal, for instance, they could hint at the way your fiancé proposed. Or you could make them more formal to match the invitation that will follow. Save-the-date should be sent out in a timely manner, and even if your wedding is only six months away, you can still use this as a special way to announce your upcoming nuptials.

As you can see these are only a few ideas for how to share your happy news! Announcing your engagement should be something the couple does together and it can be something you as a couple can use to show your creativity. Whether you choose to announce it quietly to each of your parents, and call your best friend five minutes after you get the ring or if a big party is the way you choose to go, it won’t matter because those closest to you will just be glad you shared the news with them, and that you allowed them to celebrate with you.

Source by Liz Winter


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