Healthy Diet Foods and the Role of Fiber

Healthy Diet Foods and the Role of Fiber

Fiber is commonly associated with bodily functions and digestive health, which aren’t common. However, if you eat foods high in fiber, it can help you in many more ways besides maintaining your regularity. Fiber lowers the risk of stroke, heart diseases and diabetes. It also improves skin health and helps you to lose weight successfully. It keeps the colon and digestive system clean, thus preventing various diseases. Unfortunately, we look for healthy diet foods but don’t get enough fiber. With the help of some healthy eating tips, it will be possible to include fiber in your diet on a regular basis.

Fiber – What is it?

Fiber, also called roughage, is a part of all plant-based foods like fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables and beans. The body cannot break down this nutrient. It will pass through the system undigested, thus keeping the digestive system healthy and clean, while easing your bowel movements too. It also flushes out harmful carcinogens from the body and eliminates cholesterol. As such, your healthy diet foods should contain fiber. Visit Nudifi to learn more about good sources of fiber.

Some healthy sources of fiber include whole grains, vegetables, wheat cereals, oatmeal, barley, fruits and nuts.

How to Add Fiber to your Diet?

If you want to follow healthy eating tips, you should start adding fiber to your diet from today. Now, there are different ways to do so:

  • Have a wholesome breakfast with fiber, which will prepare you for the day. You can just switch your breakfast to oatmeal, whole grains, whole wheat bread and pasta, etc. Wheat bran can be an excellent addition too.
  • Replace all white foods with brown foods. Brown rice, whole grain pasta, brown bread and wild rice are some of the alternatives that you can try for adding more fiber to your diet.
  • Make changes to your baking recipes by adding more bulk. Replace white flour with whole wheat flour and make the necessary changes to get more fiber.
  • Adding flaxseeds to your diet can also supply plenty of healthy fats and fiber to the body, which will have potential benefits. Grind flaxseeds and add it to your yogurt, breakfast cereals and sauces.

Adding Fruits for Bulk

You can add fruits to your breakfast, such as berries of different types – blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. These fruits are perfect delight for all times, especially when added to your breakfast.

Always keep fruits and veggies at home so that you can bite them whenever you need. These are healthy snacks as well. Choose healthy eating tips to incorporate them in to your diet. For instance, a fruit salad or vegetable stir-fries can be good options.

Replace sugary deserts with a whole fruit to get some fiber. You can eat an apple, banana, or a pear. You can top it with ice-cream too.

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