Ideas for a Focaccia Party Setup

A focaccia party is all about enjoying the true texture and flavor of the modest accompaniment. A focaccia party setup is easy to arrange and focaccia party basics comprise of very few and simple things.

Focaccia is best enjoyed when it is freshly made. Preparing the dough with yeast is the best way to achieve the desired results. Olive oil and herbs make a good seasoning for the bread. You can even encourage your guests to make the bread themselves with the toppings of their choice. Onions, tomatoes, baby vegetables and olives can be kept in bowls to let your guests help themselves. Cured meats and cheese complement the focaccia beautifully.

A focaccia party setup also includes a party beverage to be served with the bread. Wine is a good choice for focaccia parties. Cocktails and non alcoholic drinks like lemonade and fresh juices can also be added to the menu. Serve the focaccia warm and keep plenty of olive oil for generous seasoning. The chewy bread soaks up flavors instantly when warm. The soft focaccia is best known for its versatility and it lets you serve different dishes with a variety of textures and tastes with one base. A simple vegetable soup or salad can be served as accompaniment for this party. The leftover bread is perfect for sandwiches and Panini.

A rustic table can be easily set with a few focaccia party basics. This party has a rustic feel that is well complemented by serveware in earthy tones. Contrast these with linens and a few plates in bright hues. Opt for a classic white or beige tablecloth to highlight the bread and its toppings. Napkins in warm colors help to add a splash of color to the focaccia party setup.

Terra cotta plates can be added to the focaccia party basics for a simple yet classic look. Tinted glasses in different colors add a pleasant touch to the ambiance. Galvanized buckets add to the rustic tablescape and can be used as ice buckets to store the party drinks. Wooden cheese boards can be used to serve the focaccia and cheese and the appropriate flatware can be placed next to it.

Fresh flowers are a great choice of decoration for your focaccia party. Soft lights like candles or lanterns enhance the ambiance of the party by giving it a rustic look. A focaccia party is about experimenting and discovering the different textures and flavors of the bread. Let loose your creative imagination to host a beautiful and fun party.

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