Knowing original HCG diet menu can interest you much

Once you have decided to undergo HCG weight loss plan, you are bound to some diet regulations as well. Follow the bible rule of 500 calorie diet a day, you will find a dozen of new HCG Diet plans being offered by different dieticians. And, this is certainly confusing for the one who is new to this health regimen.

Hence, you need a consolidated list of HCG diet menus and protocols that will simplify your HCG diet program schedule.

The next question arises- What does make HCG diet a prime point of commercial interest? Or, Why should we discuss more about HCG diet protocol?

To answer this-With enormous number of physicians recommending HCG intake, HCG diets industry has become a fad today. Most surprisingly, Health food stores and super stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart are expanding their organic foods sections to capture the market of HCG diet foods and products. Even the food delivery options are becoming convenient and affordable for the HCG dieters.

So HCG diet plan is a topic of great interest for both patients and HCG diet supplement producers.

As you all know, Dr. Simeons was the first person who devised hCG Diet plan. Afterwards many other HCG diet manuscripts were written based on his theories and foundations. Kevin Trudeau was the next person who modified Dr.Simeons protocol according to modern health developments. The phases of the new diet plan are slightly different from the parent one.

However, original HCG diet recipes by Dr.A.T Simeons still carry immense value for the followers. Here is a simple explanation of this very low calorie diet structure as follows.

The breakfast would start with any quantity of sugar-free tea or coffee. For sweetness, you can add Saccharin or Stevia. Consume only a tablespoon of milk in a day.

Your lunch may include 100 grams of beef, fat less chicken breast, lobster, crab, fresh white fish, or shrimp. Remove the visible fat before cooking. Weigh the raw meat and then boil or grill it without additional fat. Try to avoid marine fishes like eel, tuna, and herring. Dried and pickled fish are strictly forbidden.

Choose any one out of these vegetable options: spinach, chicory, chard, beet-greens, celery, salad, tomatoes, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage etc.

Stick to one breadstick or one Melba toast. Include an apple, orange to your lunch menu. Take the juice of one lemon daily.

For Dinner repeat your lunch items.

Other than these few more precautions one must consider: Avoid oil, butter in food. No medicines or cosmetics like lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and powder should be applicable.

This is the original HCG diet protocol mentioned in book «Pounds and inches»

Source by Kylie Moore


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