Kris tells world of cancer 'cure'

Five years after being diagnosed with incurable cancer, Kristine Matheson says she is living proof that she cured herself of cancer and is telling the world just how she did it.

A doctor told her in Australia five years ago that she had cancer and was going to die within a year.

Rather than try to just prolong her life a few months by taking radiation and chemotherapy in Brisbane Hospital, she decided to cure herself by changing to a healthier lifestyle and diet.

Kristine, who lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, says today that she has cured herself of the cancer, is healthy and active and wants to tell everybody how she has done it.

«People interested in the prevention and cure of cancer really do have a right to know that there may be a natural alternative to radiation and chemical therapy with their painful side effects, poor quality of living and short life expectancy,» she says.

«I believe instead in good nutrition,» she says. «That is not alternative medicine — it is conventional wisdom!»

She has written a step-by-step handbook telling how she overcame her disease by changing to a healthier lifestyle and diet.

«Cancer to Wellness — the forgotten secrets» by Kristine Matheson is selling in Angus and Robertson, Borders, health-food and organic food shops and other selected shops around Australia and direct from her website at .

She is holding seminars in Australian capital cities to tell people about her cancer remedy.  Her next seminars will be at Marriott Hotels in Brisbane on June 19 and Sydney on July 17, 2010.

Kristine and her husband, Wayne, conduct informative workshops on the Gold Coast for people who seek to learn about the prevention and cure of cancer.

More information is on her website.

She went to a doctor in 2001 about a mole on her back. The mole had changed colour and was itchy. The doctor removed it saying it was a small melanoma.

She went to a doctor again in 2005 suffering from a lump in her neck and breathlessness.
An oncologist diagnosed the lump as a stage-four melanoma and referred her for cancer therapy in hospital. He told her to put her affairs in order and prepare to die within a year.

Instead, she began to change her lifestyle by removing sugar, alcohol and caffeine from her diet, eating more organic fresh fruit and vegetables and no dairy food or meat, drinking more fresh juices, having fewer late nights, and learning more about natural and holistic medicine.  

Today she follows and recommends a mainly vegetarian diet which includes some eggs and fish oil with a few other nutritional supplements such as vitamin C. Her recipes include papaya and avocado salad with ginger and lime dressing, raw vegetable pizza and cashew and macadamia pie that is topped with pureed raspberries and dates.


Kristine Matheson
Company: Matheson Family Trust
Postal address: PO Box 1128 Pacific Fair, Queensland, 4218, Australia
Phone: 61 7 5570 1283
Mobile: 61 0406 535 075

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