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Low Fat (and low calorie) Raw Vegetable Diet Dip or Salad Dressing. Making Weight Loss Easier by Eating Healthy Foods

This recipe was created when searching for a relatively low fat dip recipe for veggies (like raw celery or carrot sticks, raw broccoli or cauliflower pieces, or other forms of raw veggies that have been cut to a form that can be easily dipped.) Although everyone seems to think dipping raw veggies into a dip then eating is healthy thing, it may not be as healthy as you think, because of the loads of calories and fats in some of the commercially prepared dips. What I’m talking about here are the mayonnaise based «salad dressings» that typically are on the fatty side. One brand of plain whipped salad dressing (from a supermarket) contains 4.5 grams of fat (50 calories) per 1 tablespoon serving size. What this means is that if you substitute a few pieces of celery dipped in «mayo», you may get lots more calories than you want from the dip 

My research for a «low calorie dip yielded a recipe for a dip made with caramelized onions and balsamic vinegar. Since balsamic vinegar is typically more expensive than the common «garden variety vinegars» such as cider or wine vinegar, I decided to go with the less expensive vinegar. I chose apple cider vinegar, but think wine vinegar would work just as well. 

Because I was preparing the evening meal at the time, I decided for simplicity to chop the celery finely and use the dip as a dressing. This way you have the benefits of the raw celery, loaded with «phytochemicals», the low fat dressing, and the convenience of eating a salad with a fork instead of dipping the pieces in the dressing.

If you would prefer to use the caramelized onion and vinegar mix as a dip, then you should put the mixture in a food processor and puree it. If it comes out too thick to use as a dip, then you may wish to thin it with a little olive oil.

Whether you choose a dip or just a salad for eating with a fork, it makes a delicious and healthy salad..


1 large onion, sliced thin and rings separated

2 tbsp olive oil

1/4 tsp salt

1 tbsp cider vinegar

2 stalks celery


1 — Preheat skillet to medium

2 — Add olive oil, then onions and salt.

3 — Cover and cook 5 minutes, then remove cover.

4 — Cook another 15 minutes uncovered, stirring often until onions are starting to brown.

5 — Chop the celery in a food processor.

6 — Spoon the caramelized onions over the chopped celery and serve..

Source by Frank Ernhart


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