Magic Bullet Blender As Seen on Tv

The magic bullet is used to grind coffee beans,anything that a blender can do and can be used as a food processor.

It is about the size of a coffee mug so it will not need a lot of space on your counter top.

This blender can prepare instant snacks and meals. It is easy to operate,no buttons, just add ingredients into the tall cup or mugs. Twist,place bullet on base,press down.

You can have grated cheese,chopped onions,spaghetti sauce,soup,chicken salad,smoothies and much more in matter of minutes.Magicbullet.jpg

A recipe book is included in the package. The magic bullet blender measures approximately 4 x 4 by 10 inches and has a one-year limited warranty.

The magic bullet is microwave safe and can be put in refrigerator or freezer. It cleans easily and can be put in the dishwasher, maybe top shelf.

I would recommend this blender for making shakes and low cal meals, easy and healthier. It is a snap for making smoothies and baby food. Grinding coffee beans is a snap too.

This is what is included in your 17 piece Magic bullet high-speed blender.
Four mugs with colored lip rings/100-page magic bullet, tall and short bullet cups/shaker/steamer tops/stay-fresh lids. The power base comes with a stainless steel cross blade and flat blade.

Man has changed the way we eat in the last 50 years that it is hard to maintain good healthy bodies. Our bodies have become toxic and acidic. Making healthy smoothies and eating more raw foods can help our bodies to become healthier.

The magic blender can help you get the raw foods chopped quickly, and it can make very nutritious
smoothies and drinks fast.

Source by Marjorie Chaddock


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