Men Secret ideal female body

Height 1.62 m, 0.76 m waist, chest 0.9 m, 1.03 m — a hip ladies of this stature, please do not worry! Slim pants and underwear those throw away, enjoy the sway of his plump body. Congratulations to you, because you absolutely the best minds of men women. Previously, we believe that flat body Gugan Mei hearts of men the best talent is female, but a study shows that can make a man excited is that women have the full data.

Ordinary women closer to men’s female body ideal

 Not long ago, 100 men should be the requirements of Australian researchers, the 200 portraits of the female body to sort according to the level of attractiveness. These portraits, including «Playboy (Playboy News, Playboy Well)» and insert girl, models, and ordinary women in Australia. The researchers then put the survey results shown in the popular portrait of the human body and women is important to compare the data, the results of eye-popping. The study found that the average woman is closer to the female body ideal man, and the most precise data to those previously mentioned. Said it nicely, is called the «medium build» and that white thing is the «short and fat.»

We have to explain how the social definition of the perfect female body and the actual preferences of men between the difference?

If the study of universal significance, then millions of squat, low self-esteem of women will feel inspired, because men and women are more willing than women to live together and emaciated.

Social standards of beauty change, requiring a woman to constantly adjust their body

This is why today’s women than ever are demanding their own bodies — because the social standards of beauty change, requiring a woman to constantly adjust their body, while women have been approaching the point of unbearable.

And you bet I am, read this article in the majority of women are dieting to lose weight, or for last night drinking a glass of white wine and remorse, and vowed to stop drinking, because alcohol is a high-calorie drinks. If I am wrong, the penalty himself to eat a chocolate wafer cookies, a saltine crackers 79 calories of heat, but ah.

Can not polite to say that the British are everywhere and give up to slim women of childbearing potential, including teenage girls, an alarming number.

Monroe is the standard «medium build»

From half a century of change — a popular movie star from Marilyn Monroe to Nicole Kidman, the changes in social standards of beauty can be seen. Monroe is the standard «medium build», that is involved in the investigation of the Australian men dream of women body. Although Monroe is recognized as the most sexy woman, but her old photographs only after computer processing, makes her look slimmer than it really is only after the magazine covers.

Today’s women live in a strange world

Today’s women live in a strange world, a magazine cover girl and actress in a package of high-tech seem to have a perfect body. In fact, all this is illusion.

Ia film premiere, my husband found himself sitting not far from Sarah Parker. He said, «Sex and the City» the brightest star in the Fengyun and our daughter’s body almost. At that time, my daughter Ivy is only 12 years old, compared with their peers can be said emaciated.

Only 6% of women did not diet to keep fit and had

Why our time the most beautiful, most interesting actress to make their own better than the thin girls have not developed in order to show attraction?

A recent survey showed that only 6% of women do not diet to keep fit and over; 15 per capita to 30-year-old woman tried 38 kinds of diets; every three people in an individual from the diet after the 14th birthday.

A survey of the most depressing

The most depressing is that the results of another survey, the survey found that 5 to 7-year-old girls, 47% of people want to own more than it is now more slender.

Try the «women do not like their bodies,» Enter a search engine, search results to tens of millions of related stories. And enter «women like their bodies,» the results of only a few people such as Victoria Beckham.

Research scientists provocative of a woman’s truth

Do not know whether David Beckham and Australian researchers have the same feeling — hope the Beckhams to the meat a little long, I think the answer is yes.

However, the Beckhams will never listen to David Beckham. Even if no defects in their body, women still find fault with their extremely — This is a truth. Therefore, research scientists have provoked this woman’s truth.

Men are more willing to work with «low cost of living,» a woman living together

In fact, Australians are tested to see skinny models human portrait may think: «Oh! Is some of the nervous lady! They do not know how to enjoy a delicious dinner, only know to eat some salad to eat. Boring ! «Men are lazy, they are more willing to work with» low cost of living, «the woman living together, so they feel more happy, because this woman is not on their own belly bulge too critical

Men love a woman’s natural color

It is said that a man love a woman’s natural color. It is only when a woman has learned to love when their natural character, their ideas will have a breakthrough change.

So girls, tomorrow morning you will try a new weight-loss diet?

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