Seven Steps For Your Best BBQ Party Ever

Having a barbecue party is a great way to celebrate and gather together friends and family during the warmer summer months. It doesn’t matter what your reason for planning a barbecue party, as long as you do some careful upfront planning, your guests will have a great time and you will have memories to cherish for years. Organizing the perfect Bbq gathering is not complicated, as long as you adhere to a few straightforward steps.

Guests are what make your barbeque party complete and they are the first most important thing you need to plan for. With a little planning ahead of time you can minimize scheduling conflicts for your potential guests. You should give your guests plenty of advance notice so you can easily find a suitable date and time that works for most everyone. If you don’t get the number of RSVPs as you hoped for, don’t allow yourself to get discouraged since this is normal because no matter how much advance notice you give there are bound to be a few scheduling conflicts.

2) You should definitely take a look at the weather conditions for that time of year. It is always a good idea to have a bad weather backup plan for your party just in case. Pick a time of year which gives you the best chance for good weather that is pleasant to your guests, because you never know when rain or thunderstorms may ruin your party. A barbecue in cold temperatures may hold more bad memories of trying to stay warm instead of good memories of family and friends.

Next, you should buy the meats that you want to serve to the guests at your party. Pick out at least two different types of meat so you can accomodate people’s different preferences. It is commonly safe to go with pork, sausage, hamburgers, and chicken. If little kids are going to be in attendance, you will need to think about child friendly foods like smaller hamburgers and hot dogs.

Now that you have carefully selected your meats, you should think about the side dishes you want to serve. If you want a modern, contemporary barbecue party, then choose modern side dishes; if you want traditional then offer traditional sides. Potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, baked beans and baked potatoes are considered traditional side dishes. Don’t forget to stock your condiment bar with the classics: pickles, onion, ketchup, mustard and relish. All these food items are usually served at barbeques simply because they are effortless to put together and store until the event happens. You don’t need to include any other foods to have a complete barbecue party, but you may wish to think about other foods for your party. As mentioned earlier, if kids will be at this barbecue party, then you should serve kid-friendly side dishes.

The easiest strategy to side dishes is chips and dip. Stay away from added cooking and preptime by serving chips and dip to your guests.

Next you need to give some consideration to the accessories for your party, remember to first consider the theme. Any local party store should have festive decorations if you need them for your party’s theme. You may also consider purchasing decorations that can be stored and reused at a different time, such as reusable tablecloths and Tiki torches.

6) The day prior to your party, you will want to make certain to thaw, get ready, and marinate the meat you will be cooking. Let the meat have plenty of time to soak up the marinate sauce before you grill it over the open flame. Prepare as many side dishes as you can ahead of time

7) The day of the party, get up early and begin preparing for it. Get your prep work done quickly so you have plenty of time to welcome your guests, instead of preparing food or hanging decorations. Your guests will think you’ve been planning and working on this project for weeks, when really it has only taken a few hours. To really whet your guests’ appetite, plan to have your grill fired up and ready to cook as they arrive.

Source by Jennifer Jones-Wilder


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