Test: How to choose a business degree which is the best for you?

Many prospective students, wishing to apply to business universities, come to fairs and events without knowing which degree program they want to study for. They come because they want to study in a business school, but are not certain about which career path to take. Nowadays business schools offer so many different Masters Degree programs that future business students may feel confused. How can one know that MBA is good for him/her instead of Masters in Management?

To help the future business students, here is a little test that will help you identify which Master’s degree in a business schools is best for you. Whether you are looking to accelerate your career, make a change, or start your own venture, the test will give you some hints of which degree to choose better. Are you ready?

1. What kind of movies inspires you?

a) «American Beauty», «La Dolce Vita», «Slumdog Millionair»

b) «The Social Network», «Tucker: The Man & His Dream»

c) «Wall Street», «Margin Call», «American Psycho»

d) «American Pie», «The Devil Wears Prada», «It’s a Wonderful Life»

2. How do you get to work every morning?

a) «I am trying to use public transport to save up for an upcoming considerable investment into my further education»

b) «I try different routes and means of transport every day – it is good to discover the most time-efficient ways and see new things»

c) «I leave my office quite late every day and thus prefer to sleep a bit longer the next morning – I take a cab»

d) «I don’t have a job yet – still writing my thesis»

3. How would you describe yourself?

a) Classy and ambitious

b) Curious and adventurous

c) Pragmatic and analytical

d) Motivated and agile

4. How do you imagine a perfect working day?

a) «Wake up early, have a meeting where I can propose a plan to improve the future of the corporation»

b) «Wake up whenever I think it is more convenient, surf the web for new ideas for a while, arrange some meetings for next week»

c) «Order a dinner to the office, rush to the airport to take an overnight flight, have a meeting early in the morning in another city»

d) «I can’t imagine – everything should be different and unexpected otherwise it becomes boring»

5. At school your favorite subjects were:

a) Everything – I was good at every subject

b) Arts and music or chemistry and physics

c) Mathematics

d) Languages and history


Mostly (a). The ideal degree for you is MBA. MBA is a degree that covers all aspects of business from marketing to strategy; that is why your ideal day at work is feeling that you are contributing to the future of a big corporation by proposing a well-thought strategic solution – because you will know how the business works from the bottom to the top. You are ambitious and you wish to live a comfortable lifestyle that is why you probably like the movies such as «La Dolce Vita». MBA may mean a considerable investment and in order to accomplish your goal you are ready to safe money every day, because you know – one day you will have it all!

Mostly (b). You are one of those people born to come up with innovative ideas and make this world better by inventing new solutions to old problems. You are inspired by Mark Zuckerberg, who created the social network «Facebook» and you probably think that your ideas are not worse than those of Mark. You are very organized, you know how to plan your time but at the same time you are adventurous and curious because only this way you can discover new business opportunities. The best business degree for you is Master in Entrepreneurship where you can learn how to bring all your ideas into practice and to build a strong and successful own company.

Mostly (c). You are very hard-working and you are ready to work long hours in order to close a good deal. You are not afraid of having dinners in the office and not being able to meet your friends because you know – hard work will bring its rewards. You are very analytical and programmatic – you go straight to the point without losing a minute. The ideal business degree for you is Master in Finance so that you can learn about innovative financial instruments and accomplish your goals by becoming a top-manager on the Wall Street.

Mostly (d). You are a very motivated person and you can be very efficient by performing multiple tasks at the same time. You know that whatever job you do – you do it well. It means that you will look for new inspirational ideas in the movies such as «The Devil Wears Prada» in order to offer your boss a design for a new catalogue and you will enjoy travelling in search of new business opportunities, suppliers or deals for the company. That is why at school you probably liked languages – which you can now use in your career. You probably do not have much working experience yet and that is why the ideal degrees for you would be Master in International Business Management, Master in Marketing or Master in Operations Management which will help you to discover a business area of your interest so that you can find a job in what you really like afterwards.

Choosing a degree program at business universities nowadays may be not an easy task. Now with the results of this test in hand you can confidently apply for the degree that will open your potential in full.

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