The Amazing Dishes of The Olive Garden

Olive Garden offers a lot of pasta dishes, as well as dishes based around beef, chicken, and seafood. There are a few things that Olive Gardens Recipes are known for. First, Olive Garden recipes are known for being rich. They tend to include rich sauces based upon tomatoes, creams, and cheeses. The garlic used in the preparation of the dishes is very rich. The olive oil is rich, and used generously. They would like to give their dinners a full taste experience. Here is a look at a couple of their recipes and dishes that they are known for, and how they might be re-created in your home.

Appetizers: Without fail, and no matter what is ordered, the diner will be treated to a salad bowl, and breadstick basket. The salad is made from a standard garden salad kit, with flourishes added like banana peppers, and black olives. The star of the salad is a dressing that is one of the secret Olive gardens recipes.The salad dressing is so good, diners can buy bottles of it to take home. When making the Olive Garden salad at home, one might want to include fresh Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top. As for the breadsticks, these classics are baked logs of bread that are hot and crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. They are brushed with a mixture of garlic powder, and butter. This can be easily replicated at home. Just bake some breadsticks, and brush the tops of them with garlic powder, and melted margarine. One of the other Olive Gardens recipes is fried ravioli. One can just buy frozen ravioli from the grocery store, take it home, and fry it up. Drain, and serve the ravioli with chunky tomato sauce.

Pasta Courses: Again, their recipes are rich, and either based on tomatoes, or cream sauces. There are the classic spaghetti and meatballs, and a variety of pasta bowls that are based in tomato sauces, accented with basil and oregano. The home cook can make a variety of tomato sauces at home, in a variety of textures. Some people like a loose sauce that creates a tomato glaze on their pasta. Some people like a chunky, tart, and fresh tasting tomato sauce. This is known as more of a garden style sauce. Some people like their sauce pasty, and sweet. This can be replicated at home by using tomato paste, sugar, and tomato sauce. Cream sauces used in Olive Gardens Recipes are made out of butter, cream, and cheese. This can be replicated at home, by creating what is known as a basic bechamel sauce. A bechamel sauce consists of flour, butter, and cream. Once this blends into a cream consistency, a cheese can be added, such as parmesan. Cream sauces go good with pastas such as ziti, bowtie, and macaroni. These types of pastas have texture, and will hold on to the cream sauce wonderfully.

There are many standard beef, chicken, and seafood recipes that are based on various regional, and Tuscan recipes. The great thing is that they are quite simple to make, and can be adjusted at home to suit one’s taste. Try some for yourself, and enjoy a great dinning experience at home.

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