The Best Low Carb Foods for your Diet

If you are looking for carbohydrates that will add to your brain’s efficiency and capacity, without leading to weight on your bottom, then here are the best low carb foods that you might want to buy.

Take caution, however: the best low carb foods should be taken in moderation, as all other major food groups. In fact, the effects of the best low carb foods are useless without the proper exercise. The best low carb foods do not substitute for a balanced diet, which should include fresh fruits and vegetables.

High on the best low carb foods list are fish. Stock up on your tuna and salmon, which contain loads of iron that can prevent you from getting anemia. Herring and sardines are also a good source of proteins. Be careful when stocking on proteins, though: excess proteins can do damage to your kidneys, so take a lot of water to flush the toxins out.

Also notable on the best low carb foods list are poultry. Cornish hens and chickens are good meats to go with your all-green, dressing-free salad. Be sure to pick out the white meat, especially when you treat yourself to some turkey, duck, or goose. If you want to cut down on even more fats, eschew the skin of your flying friends, and broil or sear the chicken meat in herbs.

If you are not allergic to shellfish, then include them on your list of the best low carb foods. Down moderate amounts of shrimps, oysters, and clams, and get them fresh. Stay away from clam chowder, which contains large amounts of starch in the form of potatoes and cream. Oysters and most other mussels, however, have higher amounts of carbohydrates than other shellfish, so eat three to four ounces of them, at the most, per day.

Also on the best low carb foods list are some cheeses. Take only three to four ounces of gouda, mozzarella, and cream cheese daily; you can slather them onto your green salad or nibble them for a light snack. To round out this list of the best low carb foods, limit your salads to sprouts, mushrooms, green lettuce leaves, and cucumbers.

Source by Anthony Lee


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