Vegetable recepies for preventing heart attack

Heart attack is becoming quite common and the main reason behind it is the stress related environmental factors which directly affects the healthy functioning of a heart. An unhealthy eating habit also pertains to accumulate fat in the body which in turn makes one ugly and obese. This also causes heart failure(In French insuffisance cardiaque) in the long run of life. Instead of focusing upon eating just meat one can complement it with a large intake of veggies and sprouts which not only makes one feel full but also sides one to incur good health benefits due to the extra energy gained from the vegetables. It must be noted that vegetables helps one to get a vital supply of vitamins and minerals .It is also a terrific deal to make young ones in a family take in more and more veggies!

A simple bean soup adds up more energy after a brisk morning walk and this easy to make recopied avails one to try it in his/her own home.

The required ingredients are one cup of corn kernels, one cup of chopped green beans, two slices of chopped onion, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and one can of red beans. Basil, salt and pepper can also be added as per requirement. Just pop in all the ingredients with adequate water and cook with smashed garlic pods for twenty minutes. This can be cooked in slow flame till the potatoes and beans are done. A little basil pepper can be added and served hot with corn bread.

Another low in sodium sandwich is as follows. It requires Zucchini [5 slices] Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes slices, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, large sliced portabella mushrooms. A small amount of olive oil can be heated in a skillet. Later add the mushrooms, zucchini to the heated oil. Just stir it well in low flame and now add just a splash of the balsamic vinegar. While adding the veggies the bread can be put in the oven to roast. Now add the mushrooms, tomatoes slices, mozzarella cheese to the roast bread to make a tasty sandwhich. A slice of avocado can be added with the salad dressing and well one can also try a bit of garlic pod too to add up the flavor of the recepie!

Mastering the art of calorie intake is not some rocket science which is hard to follow but it sure requires more determination on the part of the user to know the role played by specific nutrients/food groups in daily diet. For example one might think he is taking it just a dash of sodium but a pinch of sodium here and there causes people to add up more sodium intake than is ideally required by the body.

Some people’s hearts are prone to heart attack(In French attaque cardiaque) and hence they must follow a strict diet regime. It

Is true that heart attack can affect anyone anytime but required steps can be taken to keep heart failure at bay!

Source by Lisa Brun


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