Xylitol Sugar: The Naturally Occurring Substitute for Sugar

Xylitol sugar is a sugar-alcohol which is most often used to substitute sugar in cooking, baking and normal consumptions. It is a natural substance derived from different plums, corn, berries, oats and mushrooms. The substitute does not cause any harm to the teeth like normal sugars. Most of the diabetics prefer this sweetener as it contains much less calories in comparison to natural sugar. It also affects the blood sugar level in human body which is just a fraction of the impact caused by natural sugar. The supplement can be used in place of sugar in almost all dishes and normal usages.

Lesser Calories and Carbohydrates: Xylitol sugar contains calories which are 40% lesser, and carbohydrates which are almost 75% lesser than the food energy available in sugar. The supplement takes time to get absorbed in the human body causing negligible changes in insulin. Further, the body metabolizes the sweetener which results in generation of energy required for normal functioning of your body. You can use this substitute exactly like sugar and will not feel any unpleasant aftertaste. Sugar can also be replaced by the crystalline form of its substitute in your daily cooking and baking activities. Your family and friends suffering with diabetes and dental problems can easily enjoy the original taste of your dish without being apprehensive about their health.

Dental Care: Xylitol sugar is a sugar alcohol which is non-fermentable and tooth-friendly. People suffering with dental problems use this sweetener to prevent the decaying of their teeth and protection from harmful micro-organisms. The sugar substitute is equally effective in arresting and reversing the dental carries. It further neutralizes acids and stimulates the enamels by supplying back the required minerals. It also restrains the Streptococcus mutans from growing in your teeth and prevents those bacteria from causing damages to dental cavities. Due to the usefulness and benefits for the human teeth, most of the companies use this sugar supplement in producing chewing gums and toothpastes.

Diabetes Cure: Diabetics love using xylitol sugar as it gives them an alternative which can replace sugar in their diet without affecting the taste factor. In comparison to table sugar, its alternative possesses less than 40% food energy and calories. Also, with a much slower absorption in human system, the sweetener does not increase the blood sugar levels to high and provides sufficient insulin response to prevent hyperglycemia. Along with the diabetics, people suffering from some other metabolic syndromes can use this supplement to prevent hypertension, insulin resistance and hypercholesterolemia.

Use in daily Life: You can usethis sweetenerin your daily diet whenever you want to use sugar. You can simply sprinkle the xylitol sugar on your toast or fruit salad, and add it to sweeten your tea, coffee, juice and cereal. Just like the usage of sugar, use its natural substitute in the exact amount to keep the taste of your menu intact. You can even use this supplement to cook and bake a number of recipes. By replacing sugar with the substitute, you can make the dish healthier and entertain your guests who are suffering from dental or diabetes problems.

Source by Danuel Bruce


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