Yummy Vegetarian Crock Pot Recipes, Jamaican Style!

Vegetarian crock pot recipes bring back the art of cooking and eating food. The modern generation hardly has time to feel the taste of food in their mouths. Most people gobble down their meals. While eating, they do not even think about the food that’s going inside their stomachs. Their minds are occupied with the next client meeting or presentation.

How many of you finish your newspapers or catch up with your favorite show on television while eating?

The crock pot comes with a promise to restore the magic of culinary. You only need to try some vegetarian crock pot recipes. You cannot help but fall in love with slow cooking! Moreover, you cannot help but eat your meal with concentration, without doing anything else.

Jamaican Slow Cooker Kidney Bean Stew

This is one of the vegetarian slow cooker recipes that blend the richness of tomato, sweet potato, red kidney beans, garlic, curry spice, and coconut milk to create a fabulous stew dish for supper.

YOU NEED: 1 tomato (drained and diced) and sweet potato, 2 cups sliced carrots, 3 chopped scallions, 2 cans (16 ounces) of kidney beans dark red (drained), 1 cup coconut milk without sugar, 2 cups vegetable broth without salt, 2 minced garlic cloves, 1 tablespoon olive oil (extra virgin), 2 teaspoon curry powder, 1/4 teaspoon each of red pepper flakes and ground allspice, 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, and black pepper (freshly ground) and salt to taste.

DO THIS: Take a 4-quart cooker, and set it at high. Put oil in it. When it heats, add minced garlic cloves. Cover the cooker. Then, add scallions, carrots, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. Stir. Add thyme, curry powder, allspice, red pepper flakes, pepper, and salt. Then add kidney beans. Pour the coconut milk and vegetable broth. Set the cooker at low now. Cover the lid. Let it cook for 6-8 hours.

This is one of the vegetarian crock pot recipes that come in handy when you’re in a 9-to-5 job. When you return, you get a simmering stew ready to appease your hunger in the most soothing way. Serve this kidney bean stew with hot rice, or artisan bread, or with freshly cut salad.


In order to cut down on the calorie count of this meal, use 1/2 cup coconut milk instead of one whole cup. You can also substitute vegetable broth with water. However, the former enhances the taste of the dish. This stew dish is low in cholesterol and high in dietary fiber, Vitamin A, and manganese thanks to the carrots, kidney beans, garlic, sweet potatoes, and olive oil used in it.

The vegetarian crock pot retains almost all the nutrients of food, yet produces a spicy and savory dish. This cooking appliance is ideal for people struggling to become vegetarians. The heavenly flavor of vegetarian crock pot recipes can effectively make them forget meat. You can successfully switch to a complete vegetarian diet with food cooked in a slow cooker.

Get a crock pot today, and try the vegetarian crock pot recipes. Relish hot and healthy food every day. Don’t be surprised if people compliment you on your good health. Remember, you are what you eat!

Source by Noam Powell


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